Suits&Sneakers provides some of the marketing and advertising industry’s best pre-approved talent under the one roof, whether you need a person, a team or for us to sort the whole project for you. We’re even here to coach and mentor your team and empower them in their roles.

All talent are pre-qualified and hand-picked for your brief – no matter what you need from market research right through the marketing chain to distribution.

Funds are held in escrow, contracts and documentation, industry accepted project management workspaces, asset storage, projects supervised and mediation support available to ensure milestones are met to world class standards.

Imagine 99Designs, Freelancer and ODesk – but for the industry grown ups.

Yes, this is disruptive.

Our Suits (the strategists and people who get things done) and our Sneakers (creative, tech and production people).


Design thinkers
Business design strategists
Media strategists
Communication and PR strategists
Reputation Strategists
Brand strategists
Strategy planners
Content strategists
Digital strategists
Marketing operations
Marketing tech
Funnel designers
Promotion strategists
Sponsorship strategists
Loyalty consultants
CRM and data consulting
Sales and business development

Integrated Specialists

Account directors
Account managers
Project managers
Producers (all media)
Account executives
Content managers
Social media managers
LinkedIn specialists
Facebook specialists
Instagram specialists
Pinterest specialists
Twitter specialists
Email marketing specialists


Creative strategists
Creative ideas people
Creative directors
Experiential creatives
Art directors
Copywriters (PR, content, advertising, editorial)
Finished artists

Production & Tech

Web developers
UX designers
CX strategists
App developers
Interactive technicians
Film directors
Audio engineers
Music composers
Sound designers
Audio book producers
Film editors
Video editors
Motion designers
VFX supervisors
Animation crew
VFX artists
Matte painters
Set design and construction
Film crew


Whether you need a fully integrated marketing campaign, or you need some specialised services like LinkedIn lead generation, social media advertising, mainstream media planning/buying the Suits&Sneakers collective pull together to build campaigns that reach any customer profile whether that is B2B or B2C. Ask us to recommend a team and approach for your need, or we can share some case studies.


We work in partnership with businesses, internal marketing teams, or we white label to agencies needing specialised support to add value to their offering or to win that big pitch.


It may be easier to talk about what we DON’T do. We won’t pay for any media spend directly. We fundamentally refuse to have any commission structures impacting our independent strategy and think that no one should have a vested interest in any recommendations made by marketing strategists. We think clients should be protected from fraudulent activity or self-interest.

Brand Projects

We pull together a team of specialist suits (the strategists and people who get things done) and sneakers (the creatives, tech and production people) to deliver branding and brand building assets by project basis.


Projects our collective have worked on include brand identity strategy and design, brand guidelines and brand expression, website design, UX and CX strategy, website builds and technical services like SEO set up and integration with CRM systems, digital funnel design and set up, stationery design, photographic assets, branded videography, sales collateral, email automation assets and set up. Our collective can be hand-picked to deliver on any marketing asset you need.


Fill us in on what you need and we’ll recommend a hand-picked team to suit your brand positioning and align with your customer. We’ll share case studies and portfolios to suit you. We help you pick the right team and keep the projects on track.

Pitching Ideas

The big industry question is whether we do free pitching or not, given a lot of ad agencies give away their intellectual property. There is no such thing as a free pitch, as those costs either come back to you in the long run, or onto other clients by way of additional time charges and in higher overheads in-built into their pricing.

We don’t waste money on things you don’t need and even can present ideas and solutions without big presentations or fully graphic designed works. We have ‘Espresso Shot Consulting’ where you get a smart consultant for an hour to troubleshoot your next best move, we can deliver big ideas that you can implement yourself in your business, or you can brief two creative teams at reduced rates and have the two compete for your business without the big costs. Talk to us about how.

Videographer and model

"...work on this was so spot-on, delighting us all, and giving us the clarity we needed about our brand value. The creative realisation of the brand has also been wonderful and warmly received by everyone we've presented it to. Consumers, carers, industry professionals - I've watched their faces light up and seen how they engage with the materials."

- Jackie Van Vugt, General Manager Marketing and Communications - Mind Australia Limited

"Anne is super impressive. She was recommended to me and was on the phone within minutes, frequently followed up on progress and ultimately delivered on her promise of compiling a very impressive team of well-suitable, highly experienced professionals to provide the services required of our expanding business. All this delivered in a super-efficient, cost-effective manner. We have no hesitation recommending her services."

- Peter McAppion, Director - Thorny Devil Beer

"It gave us great confidence to know some of the BEST people in the industry were DOING the work on our campaign and not delegating it. In our opinion the results speak for themselves"

- Justin Hodgson, Director of Marketing - Manheim and sellmycar.com.au

"Suits&Sneakers fitted in very well with our culture by reducing our marketing communications cost by 50%. Suits&Sneakers also did an excellent creative and strategic plan, overseeing the implementation of that plan with some of the industry's best people"

- Michael Norster, Managing Director - BlueNRG

The Big Juicy Questions

When something is really new or different, there are a LOT of questions. We unpack some of the big things we get asked about and set the record straight about some big things we stand for.
Why We Do This

The marketing industry voted that the best talent is no longer in big agencies and certainly not available in online low cost outsourcing platforms either. One of the biggest needs of the marketing industry is people who understand your brand’s business and have specialised experience – and that is often not available in-house.
The best freelance talent are often the specialists you need but are hard to find, hard to pre-qualify and hard to wrangle unless you are an expert. That’s where we come in.

Who We Work With

We work with different businesses of all shapes and sizes, and they do all work with us differently. The underlying thread that holds all Suits&Sneakers clients together is the love of using the best talent and the strategic outcomes the very best people deliver.

We work directly with in-house teams of all sizes to add expertise or to deliver on specialised projects; we partner with agencies needing to support their clients, retain their current business and win pitches, and we work with businesses needing marketing projects done outside their existing agency and production roster on targeted projects. Some smaller businesses and start ups can also benefit from fixed cost campaigns and lead generation strategies to drive business to the next level. Solutions are hand-picked for each business, but be certain we’ll never compromise on the quality of the people on your business.

What Makes Us Different

For those who understand the marketing and advertising industry, and know the inflated costs and layered service model of the traditional agency, they really do see just how disruptive the Suits&Sneakers model is and how we are reinvigorating the industry. Those who might have liked the convenience of the online platforms such as Fiverr, 99Designs, Freelancer and similar, but have been disappointed with the quality of the work, or need a fully integrated campaign produced and not just small tasks done with crowd sourced talent, they also see how disruptive we are. And we’ve been awarded for it.

Here are some specifics of what makes us different, and you can compare against other existing business models here:

  • Proven, world class standard, pre-qualified talent
  • All disciplines of marketing and advertising under the one roof
  • All category and industry specialists
  • Access to 10,000+ talent hand-picked for you
  • We pull agile teams together considering cost efficiencies, not a one-size-fits-all approach
  • If we don’t have who you need, we’ll find them
  • We triage your needs and offer solutions without vested interest
  • Budget and billing transparency
  • You can hire a person, a team or have a project produced
  • You can hire for the short term, or place people for the long term
  • Talent can work remotely, in your office, or in our own hub
  • We’re a low overhead model
  • You get objective strategy with no vested interests
  • We know who is a career freelancer or who is temporary, so we offer lower cost recruitment and support our community to keep working
  • You have your own account manager
  • There are no hidden commissions or referral systems
  • Supervised and mediated projects
  • We’re global (not ‘offshore’)
  • No timesheets! Fixed scope billing
  • Escrow fund available and mediation to specific milestones
  • Project management fits into your existing workflow processes
  • We specialise in inclusive communication (especially gender neutral)
  • We consider the best people for the job, not by age or difference
  • We’re conscious capitalists and do the right thing by our people, the planet, all stakeholders and the community
Our Manifesto

We’re a global community of some the world’s best independent creative talent, handpicked to serve our clients and our community with respect and passion.

We are diverse in our capabilities and in the way we see the world we live in.

Experience tells us the best creative product is founded in solid strategic thinking, a deeper understanding of people, with respect for difference, and respect for the privilege of wealth and position.

We thrive on making creative projects come alive, and to move people and business to make the world a better place.

Our commitment to diversity is expressed in every aspect of our business through the range of talent we embrace, to the cultures that inspire us, to the attitudes and differences that make us all a part of a colourful masterpiece. We are egalitarian through all our choices in business including those that stretch across the continents, the teams we hire, the words we choose, the way we work, who we work for, and the movements we support.

We fight for the right thing.

How We Work

Much like a hospital does triage on arrival to figure out what help you need, we do the same. You will speak to someone to be sure that what you are asking for is actually what you really need. Suits&Sneakers then hand-picks the best talent for your brief whether it is for one individual, a project or regular team, or to take care of the whole project. We fit talent for the budget, culture, category experience, and expertise and most of all we supervise everything to be sure things stay on track. We can place people on site, in our own hub or to work remotely. This is a high quality, low overhead model with no vested interest in any recommendations. We’ve been called ‘The Marketing Police’ because of our approach, independence, ethics and transparency. And we’re fine with that. Funds will be held in escrow and we mediate for all parties – so the right thing gets done for all.

What We Don't Believe In

We may as well be up front about a few things. Some things are important to us.

We don’t buy media directly and prevent anyone having a vested interest in any strategic recommendations we offer. We encourage clients to have full visibility and ownership of media costs. We can prepare strategy and negotiate but never benefit from the buying.

We don’t believe in demographic profiling, in general, and believe that customers are better understood when considered by the things they care about, values and beliefs, the needs they have, the behaviours they do, and the outcomes they need. We think that putting people in boxes by gender, age, stage, culture or race is harmful to society and a limit to a brand’s success… and just lazy marketing.

We don’t allow negative stereotypes to continue through the work we produce and Suits&Sneakers founder Anne Miles is an industry change-maker on this topic.

We don’t allow anyone to have any vested interest in any recommendations or alliances.

We don’t allow our clients, our suits, or our sneakers to be rude to anyone. We’ve refused to work with people who are rude or abusive. Everyone in the Suits&Sneakers is pre-vetted and will be giving their very best and expect that from our clients and alliances too.

We don’t give unsolicited advice – it’s just rude and generally comes from an ill-informed and limited perspective. If you want feedback then you’ll get an honest answer, but it must be with a proper brief and exposure to the full picture behind the scenes too.

About Our Founder

Anne Miles has been a marketing industry leader in diverse roles – everything from video production, visual effects, motion graphics, post production, photography, design, strategy, research, and creative for big and small brands. Anne’s biggest talent is in knowing what needs to be done and pulling together the best team to deliver it. With over 10,000 industry contacts collected over 35 years there is no role or project in marketing, advertising, tech and production that Anne can’t resource for you.

Anne has a special interest in removing negative stereotypes in our marketing and media and everything that Suits&Sneakers does has this consideration over it, and that starts with offering the industry the best people regardless of background, age or gender. Anne is also available to speak and train on this topic.

Suits&Sneakers has been awarded winner of Westpac’s 200 Businesses of tomorrow 2018. Anne was 2019 finalist for the Australian Marketing Institute’s Certified Practicing Marketer of the Year and B&T’s Entrepreneur of the Year.


Anne with quote 'Brands deserve better'

"Brands Deserve Better"

Anne Miles is Suits&Sneakers Founder | Managing Director

Our founder, Anne Miles, started Suits&Sneakers after getting fed up with the best talent getting lost to the industry and created the one place where they could all collaborate and operate, but without all the baggage that usually comes with that including prejudice and discrimination that is rife in the industry. As a conscious capitalist, Anne thought the industry often lacked integrity, fostered negative stereotyping and missed connecting with the real customers, diminished the quality of work, and often didn’t have the brand’s best interest at heart. Suits&Sneakers is disrupting the industry and celebrating the best people, and been awarded for it.

  1. Anne Miles Suits&Sneakers beginning of an idea
    Suits&Sneakers was born

    The spark of an idea

    Originally launched as International Creative Services Anne Miles started the business in response to much industry ageism and gender bias. Anne was determined to create an alternative that offered the best people in the industry regardless of their background, age or gender. Anne became a voice for inclusion, and believes that the traditional time sheet billing methodology is the cause of many of our industry problems for rewarding poor process and layering up people clients don’t need. These principles defined the business as it is today.

  2. Volunteering for Conscious Capitalism Australia & New Zealand

    Conscious Capatilist

    Our founder Anne Miles has always been a conscious capitalist, but volunteered to support the profit with purpose team at Conscious Capitalism Australia and New Zealand (CCANZ) for brand and marketing strategy, product development and execution. Later in 2018 Anne took over daily operations and running the CCANZ business as a volunteer.

  3. Anne Miles Suits&Sneakers on stage

    Our Model Of Diversity And Inclusion Rewarded

    We are chuffed to be awarded winner of Westpac’s 200 Businesses of Tomorrow for our business model for being an industry innovation, purpose driven and a sustainable model for the future. Anne Miles is a speaker and trainer on removing negative stereotypes from our marketing and creative process. Thanks to Westpac for noticing.

  4. Suits&Sneakers Rebranded

    Renamed and rebranded

    After discovering that the original business name wasn’t allowed to be trademarked, it was time to rename the business. This gave us the perfect opportunity to better reflect the fact that we were doing more strategic work than anything at the time and needed to rename to tell the world we do both the strategy and the creative, tech and production. As an industry, we refer to the account managers, integrated project managers and strategists as ‘Suits’ and therefore the name Suits&Sneakers perfectly depicted both sides of our industry specialists, and some talent cross over both sides. It is a bit of fun too!

  5. Anne Miles Suits&Sneakers office

    Anne Miles awarded by the Australian Marketing Insititute

    Anne Miles added to her credentials 2019 State and National finalist for the Australian Marketing Institute Certified Practicing Marketer of the Year.

  6. Anne Miles Suits&Sneakers on stage

    Anne Miles awarded by B&T's Women In Media Awards

    Anne Miles added to her credentials 2019 finalist for B&T’s Women In Media Entrepreneur of the Year.

  7. Anne Miles on stage

    Anne Miles announced 2020 Finalist Australian Marketing Institute's Certified Practising Marketer of the Year

    Anne Miles added to her credentials 2020 Victorian and National finalist for the Australian Marketing Institute’s Certified Practising Marketer of the Year 2020. 

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