What we need…

Your complete profile (after May 15th)
3 references who can validate your experience and reputation – provide contact name, number and email (supply now for pre-release approval) Your written resume as a PDF
LinkedIn profile link
Allow us 3-5 days to reach your references and to decide on your application for endorsement
Proof of ID eg. Drivers license
Police check consent
Web or tech talent will be required to undergo a skills test

Payment of $200 +GST AUD to be paid in full for endorsement to be issued, paid via Bank Transfer on invoice issue or payment via PayPal (send money) to [email protected] 

You will…

Keep your profile in good condition with current work
Be honest about your skills, experience and credits
Support the community and be positive about our collective mission of being all about the best people
Report any profiles that are not up to standard, have false credits, or demonstrate any intellectual property breaches Commit to advancing your learning and remaining at the top of your game
Be a good citizen of the industry and remain ethical – if you do anything illegal or are suspected of anything illegal or abusive to others you will be removed without a refund


*Endorsement is not guaranteed and at Suits+Sneakers’ discretion and can be declined without refund if quality standards are not met. Being listed on Fiverr,, ODesk, AirTasker or equivalent. low nd marketplaces will be grounds for immediate denial or profile removal. Current offer is only available as a once only lifetime opportunity by invitation before May 15th 2023. This offer is for a limited time and limited number of talent.


Application for Suits+Sneakers endorsement

Yes, I'd like to get a jump start and begin the Pre-launch endorsement process for preferential search status and first dibs at any jobs or project offers.

Once completed please email any attachments such as your resume
or PDF portfolio to [email protected] and we’ll send you an invoice with bank details and PayPal details. If you require BPay facility let us know.

Thank you!

Any urgent or complex questions please call Anne Miles – +61 411 102401
(Things are busy though, so only important or urgent stuff please. See… I’m even doing my own lame forms so I don’t stop the tech team! Otherwise, you maybe best to wait for the public release. Just saying… Hope you understand.)