How Barbie is doing Purpose, purposefully

I care about purposeful marketing as a conscious capitalist, and think that businesses need to take responsibility for doing more good in the world, or at the very least less harm! We, as a marketing industry, have done our fair share of wrongs too. Sadly the creative work we produce has unconscious bias right through it, and is often perpetuating unhealthy cultural messages. Importantly, for the commercial world it is impacting brand performance by missing the mark with our real customer. So, here’s why I think Barbie is getting it right.

I think we can all remember a day when Barbie wasn’t doing such a great job of empowering women, or being very diverse. Many young women in the past were led to believe only certain jobs and roles in our society were available to us. Many are unforgiving and think that our past defines our future, when it doesn’t. Who we are now, and what we take responsibility for, is what really matters. Barbie’s really making up for lost time I think.

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