Those Frequently Asked Questions

Those frequently asked questions

What is Suits&Sneakers?

We’re a non-exclusive talent roster for agencies and clients to find all the top talent under one roof and we supervise and mediate between parties. We work closer to the likes of Freelancer, 99Designs, ODesk and similar to facilitate and supervise all freelance projects and to be the one place to find everyone.

We work with existing industry project management systems rather than another online platform like, Slack, Asana and Trello. We’re more like the grown ups of the industry.

We have contracts, agreements, and milestone management to keep everyone honest. We mediate problems and keep the funds in escrow to protect all parties.

When something is new it seems difficult for people to grasp. Think LinkedIn and Behance had a child and it turned out more professional than 99Designs, ODesk or Fiverr.

For those businesses who need a hand to manage the whole project we’re there for them too as a connector, facilitation service and mediators.

Our clients and agency members can choose to work within our system with all the protection and benefits we offer, or work with the talent directly as they often do now.

Are you an agent? Are you an agency? Are you a film company?

No. No, to all of the above. Agencies and film companies are our customers and allies in fact. We’re more like the facilitators and mediators to make sure everything stays on track and everyone does what they say they will to the standard and scope agreed.

What is cool for both the talent and our clients is that we have final say on whether the talent have met the brief or not and whether clients have met their obligations too. We hold the funds in escrow and release it when milestones have been met. No more grey areas. We’re in the middle – some call us the ‘Marketing Police’ and we’re cool with that!

Some clients have capability to manage projects in-house and some don’t. We can help pull the right team together for them and let them produce the job directly with assigned project managers/producers. We work more like 99Designs or Freelancer than an ad agency or film company – only with the grown ups of the industry all pre-approved and top class.

Why should I lodge my credentials here?

If you are independent or freelance and of a world class standard then you need to be listed here. Like the LinkedIn community is the go-to place for business credentials now, Suits&Sneakers will be the same for the marketing industry end to end. If you are not here you are likely to be missed for freelance projects.

We’ll be doing the marketing for you, helping keep jobs on track and making sure your clients pay for the work they engage you for and hold professional indemnity insurance. There are no fees for you at this time for any of these services so it seems a no-brainer to be listed here.

We think that bigger brands won’t hire an independent freelancer without a known brand involved – so we’re here to be that credibility for you.

There are no conflicts of interest so you can have your own agents, reps and film companies and you can work for agencies or clients directly.

If you want to take a break at any time because you are too busy or take a full time role you can leave your profile in the system but put yourself to sleep for a bit too. You can turn it back on when you are ready also.

If you are out of work and up for some freelance in the meantime we’re cool with that. We also make it easy for people to find potential full time employees too.

We wanted to make it a no-brainer for the best talent to be here. Surely there is nothing that can hold you back?

Which talent are considered?

All disciplines in marketing will have a home here if you are freelance/independent. The suits are account directors, marketers, researchers, consultants, traffic managers, art buyers, project managers/producers and strategists. The sneakers are creatives of all kinds, tech and production and VFX people of all kinds (excluding the film crews found in crew agencies).

No companies can be included.

Only the best (‘big brand worthy’) talent will be accepted. That may mean you have heaps of experience working on big brands or you may be straight out of University and worthy of working under supervision on big brand work too. It is the work that will be assessed. 

What if I have an agent, rep or film company already?

No problem. Because we are similar to LinkedIn or Behance, but also pull jobs together where needed, we are not like an agent or rep. If you have a rep in some regions but not others then list the agents in each region so that the agencies and clients who are members can find you.

This service is used by agencies and clients equally and they will then know how to find you via your film company or agent. Add your contact details for the regions you don’t have representation, and either an agency or client directly will contact you – or we might. You can change your representation at any time as things evolve too.

This is a little like a free marketing channel for your existing agents and film companies so they shouldn’t be complaining.

What if I have my own company?

We do not represent businesses, only the independent talent. You can list yourself as a talent to hire regardless if you have an ABN, are PAYG, or bill as a Pty Ltd business. The issue is not the status of the company but we only serve freelancers and independent talent and not other businesses. We’re here to unite the freelance talent across the globe under one roof.

However, because some independent talent have a rep, film company or agent of some kind that’s different. Please feel free to list so that your customers still can find you and know which agent in which region represents you. We’ll be there to help with those regions they don’t cover or the members can access your details directly.

If we find out that someone has listed a portfolio but end up taking the work back into a larger company with more than 2 employees we’ll pull you from the roster immediately and we’ll be due 20% of the total project costs.

What if I don't have images or video?

We know that some of the very top Executive Creative Directors don’t always have direct projects that they call their own since they usually allow their teams to take that credit. We’re cool with that.

Some strategists, account directors and other suits won’t always have case studies or imagery either and we’re cool with that too.

In instances where you don’t have a folio we require a decent head-shot in landscape format. Please don’t put some tacky, blurred, happy snap that you took with your 2010 phone or some infantile anime cartoon of yourself – get a decent shot done with a clean and professional background. We’ll reject it if it is crappy. Don’t bring the team down! This is a professional network. Be a grown up.

Why would my profile be rejected?

One thing for sure – if we find you on 99Designs, Fiverr, or Freelancer you will be excluded immediately. We only accept the best talent and you do not work for outsourced platforms like this and do not undercut the top talent rates and fees in the process. If that’s you – unsubscribe, right now.

If you are rude, up yourself, giving unsolicited and inappropriate criticisms or advice without invitation or a proper brief to us or to clients, are abusive, biased and prejudiced, or unethical in any way, and just being a bad sport in general you will be removed from the platform at our discretion. This platform will be free for you to use but only the best talent will be considered and that includes behaviour. We’ll be tight on this and we don’t have to justify ourselves either. Just saying…

What if my folio is rejected?

We’re pretty fussy about taking on talent and you’ll need to be good enough for even the biggest and best brands, even if we book you to work with a small business customer. So, it is very possible that some talent will be rejected. Our decision is final.

We’ll aim to give a general comment about our reasons for disapproval and it may be profile submission quality, quality of the work, industry reputation, copyright infringement, values misalignment (generally if you’ve been a jerk), or if you are found listed on Freelancer, ODesk, Fiverr or any of those low quality sites and services (we are totally distancing ourselves from those services as a high quality alternative).

If you think we’ve been unfair, it really is at our discretion, but you can re-apply if you address the concerns.

If you need folio guidance and skill development please let us know and we’ll connect you with a coach.


Can I get folio advice before submission?

It is possible to get folio advice, but it is a paid service. Depending on what you need, who you need, and how senior you are we’ll let you know the fees involved. We’ll be able to give you folio development advice so you build a commercial folio to move you to the next level also if necessary. Or if you need graphic design support to present the work more professionally one of the roster talent will be there for that too. Just let us know.

Can I update my portfolio?

Yes, any time you like. However, at this time there is no charge for this but if it gets out of hand we may have to put in place an approval fee for updates over a certain number of times. We’ll give notice if we change our policy. Remember we’re a boutique team still and your support in reducing the rubbish stuff for us to do will make it more productive for everyone. There may be delays in the first release with onboarding of a lot of talent at one time happening. Please be patient. Automated emails will update you on progress.

How does the billing work?

There are no costs to list your profile on our roster, but it is by approval only. You must be worthy of working with the best global brands.

Users of the platform will be charged to source talent or become a member because of the fact we have the best pre-approved talent and we make it easy to find specialist talent with best fit for the brief.

If we need to organise a team we’ll add 20% service fee to the whole thing.

Regardless, we’ll help keep the jobs on track and mediate to be sure everyone does what they’re supposed to.

How do I get paid?

We will hold the client’s funds in escrow for you and ensure that they are able to pay the fees due. Agreed milestones and payment schedules will be agreed by all parties up front. We will regulate the scope of work to fit to the brief and release funds when all parties agree the milestones have been met. If there is a discrepancy, then our decision will be upheld.

If there are problems we’ll give you direction on what needs to be done to keep up to standard, or to help resolve the situation.

Someone called us ‘The Marketing Police’ and we’re good with that.

What if something goes wrong on my project?

Don’t worry. Much like freelancer, 99Designs, ODesk and those lower cost online platforms we will keep the funds in escrow up front and manage the milestones with you and your clients so everything stays on track. We act as mediators and objective support during the project to be sure everyone does what they should.

We have templates and agreements to keep everyone honest. If there are issues, our decision is final.

For any reason if anyone is not happy with our decision we have a dispute process to follow, managed by a professional mediator.

How do I get chosen?

The system will present all viable options to the admin team or to the client user. They’ll pick based on their own brief requirements.

At times we may email some possible projects and see who put their hand up for it as well and we’ll pass on the portfolio to the client to choose from.

When we submit talent for any projects we usually hand pick three options for the client to choose from. At this point we may discuss your interest and any conditions or avails and scope up the job before presenting to the client too. They’ll pick someone or even pay for a couple of options side by side too. We’ll let you know if that all happens.

Members could contact you directly and discuss the project with you without us involved too.

Note that any friendly emails to remind us that you are ‘available’ or ‘around’ won’t be welcomed, as we’re just too smashed now. Please wait for us to come to you.

Can I talk to a person?

This is going global super fast and we are onboarding thousands of talents and keeping our overheads low to begin with so we can keep it free for all the suits and sneakers. So, please don’t expect us to talk to you directly unless there is some emergency or problem. We have forums for tech bugs and new ideas and features. We’ll be giving you plenty of information and answers about how it all works. So, please don’t be needy. Hassling us to consider you for the next project won’t make it any easier or more likely to be chosen. The system does that work and if you are right for the job you’ll be considered. If there is a job that we think you could be right for we’ll email a link to apply directly too.

Please help us keep this free by playing by the rules and being self-sufficient where you can. Thanks 🙂

Can I take a break?

Yes, you can turn off your profile searchability any time you like if you need to take a break due to a busy workload or taking on a full time project or role. Just turn it back on when you are ready. You can delete it completely too, but with the world uncertain we recommend leaving it until you are next ready to get back out there.

What technology do you use?

For project management we work with as a mandatory system for all projects for all clients and freelancers. Clients will need to cover the costs for additional team members.