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As an agnostic provider for the marketing and advertising industry we care greatly about supporting all the suits and sneakers out there to do the best they can at rectifying some of the damage that our industry has perpetuated out there in society. According to Kantar in their 2019 AdReaction Study 83% of marketers in APAC believe their organisations are creating advertising that avoids gender stereotypes, yet 63% of consumers disagree and think advertising reinforces stereotypes. So, we’re doing something very wrong as an industry! Suits&Sneakers is on a mission to change this across the industry and offer support (and training) to anyone open to doing better.

We’re so keen to make an impact and help others navigate this issue we’ll share with anyone these resources below for free and even without the expectation of giving up an email address. Please share widely under ©Creative Commons license (share widely but leave it untouched to ensure of correct attribution).


Gender Checklist – Masculine, Feminine and Gender Neutral

We care greatly about removing unconscious bias from the creative and marketing process. This checklist is designed to help the industry be more inclusive, and at least be intention about focusing on a gendered niche and communicating in exactly the way each gender wants us to. With only one budget to spend and demographic profiling phasing out for may brands who want better performance, focusing on gender neutral communication is an optimisation tool.



Diversity Checklist for Creatives

Being inclusive in our marketing comms is not just about reaching the female customer out there. We believe that there is a wide spectrum of issues that the industry needs to address, and they are not just those protected by law for HR and business culture. As marketers we need to be inclusive in order to tap into our potential audience and that includes gender (all of them and not just two that is), race & culture, life stages, ability, neuro-diversity, rural/urban, socio-economic bias,



4Mat Presentation and Copy Template – for Neuro-Diverse Communication

Neuro-diversity is important to us as well. There are different personalities and different ways of thinking. Most of us in the industry tend to resort to our own way of thinking, and even follow formulas that have been set for many years unchanged. This 4Mat communication system was developed by Dr Bernice McCarthy in the 1980’s to ensure that more children in the education sector were able to stay focused, retain more and act on what they learned, and developed a system based on DISC personality profiling to reach everyone and in the right order (the most impatient first!). This system is proving incredible for selling creative work to clients, and as a copy platform. We use it as a briefing methodology as well at Suits&Sneakers to ensure we capture what each section of the market needs.

Use the 4Mat template below with some sticky notes to plan your presentation or ad structure and then follow that order to write.



4Mat Briefing Template – Content Brief for Neuro-Diverse Communication

Using the 4Mat system for briefing we ensure that all the necessary information for all thinking styles and all personality types is captured. This is the Suits&Sneakers template for content briefing. Feel free to download and brief us for neuro-diverse content creation!



Need more help?

  • Consulting or critique of concepts and strategies
  • Keynote presentations
  • Training induction on Unconscious Bias in the creative and marketing process (note that Suits&Sneakers is the only industry service that provides this)
  • Coaching program on Unconscious Bias for your agency or marketing team