Two genders on bathroom door sign

The Power of Gender Neutral

With our marketing budgets very limited these days and we need to do more with less (more so than ever) tapping into a wider audience through gender neutral marketing may be the high performance key to optimise your results and better reach all genders with the one marketing budget.

Currently women are 85% of the purchase decision maker across all buying categories but polarising and targeting this audience exclusively can exclude the potential in the male audience. Many might be thinking ‘Yeah, Go Girl!’ but this over-representation in shopping may be the results of stereotypes in parenting, shopping and the mundane household responsibilities falling on females with men given permission to opt out, or those men who want to or have to take on these tasks feeling left out too. Additionally when industries traditionally targeting male buyers are not getting communication to the active female buyer the women feel misunderstood (and that’s about 65% of them in various categories!). So, we’re not getting it right on either side and on top of that we’re likely to be fuelling negative stereotypes that are now outdated.

We’re are also in a more inclusive environment with many people identifying as fluid in gender or non-binary too and we need to better cater for all.

"Tapping into a gender neutral creative strategy could open up a wider audience without polarising the existing customer base"

This video was produced as an interview for Conscious Capitalism between Anne Miles, Suits&Sneakers founder, and Eric Moss, Adjunct Instructor, Business from Diablo Valley College in California, USA.

P.S. For those concerned that we’re suggesting that there is such thing as a genderless person, that’s not what we’re talking about here. We are talking about producing content and creative that is neutral in order to be more inclusive of all genders. Just saying…