Freelancer's Unite

We're stronger together

Let’s all rally together as an industry under the one roof at Suits&Sneakers. Let’s be the one place where all the top talent hang out. On our own it is unlikely a brand will hire us, but as a united force under a credible brand, with project supervision and project management we’re a competitive force in the industry.

Please add your details to the form below to be put on the list to create your own Suits&Sneakers free profile and to be included in our database for freelance work. (It doesn’t hurt to be here if you are looking for part time or full time work too as we are asked all the time for recommendations).


Know this, though – we will only approve talent who are ‘big brand worthy’ which means you are good enough to work on proper marketing projects by the professionals in the industry. (This doesn’t mean that top students can’t apply and work on projects under supervision by some industry top talent, of course).

Your application is not guaranteed and will undergo scrutiny by an industry specialist.

It is best you know this – If you are listed on freelancer, fiverr, ODesk, 99 Designs or other online platforms who use low cost crowd sourced talent it will be an immediate disapproval. We only engage with industry specialist talent with proven quality work and expertise.


Our schedule for onboarding is a little behind at the moment, sorry, but register your interest in the form below and we’ll send you an invitation once we are ready. We’ll keep you updated, inspired and we’ll have your information in case something relevant comes up in the meantime.

Thanks for supporting each other.

(Note: We can’t respond to individual email enquiries at present due to volume enquiries).