‘Are we too PC in our marketing and advertising?’​ (Asks the ‘Nun’​ of the industry).

Sure, I’ve been called ‘The Nun’ of our industry because of my lifelong fight for what is right and doing the right thing. I’m an advocate for diversity and inclusion as many know, and mostly because I’ve suffered through a career (and personal life) of abuse, prejudice and discrimination and had no recourse to do much about it except walk away. But I can also say that I think we are getting too PC (‘Politically Correct’) in many cases in what I call ‘Diversity Oversteer’, and it is causing a cultural backlash. We’re so overly focused on making sure we’re ticking all the right boxes, we’re speaking up about causes, and we’re trying our best not to offend anyone and perhaps we’re at the point of going too far? Let’s consider the current backlash with the millennial of today caring less than in 1994 about gender rights, and ponder some alternatives.

Let’s just talk about gender for a moment, but of course this is only one aspect of diversity (so many forget that!). If we can get the female to be an equal though, I expect we can get other minorities to follow suit, so let’s just dig into the gender story for now.

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