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Reasons Marketers should move to project based work

While larger brands capitalize on the wide ranging expertise that the traditional agency model provides, there are many smaller brands that starve for specialist expertise and are desperately looking for ways to increase output from their ever tightening marketing budgets. By moving to project based activities marketers should see an increase in content volume, increase in value and if managed correctly any issues with brand disparity should be prevented – without wearing out the marketing department team members with overload.

Why is project based work better for marketers?

Specialist Expertise:

  • Hire the expertise you need – with so many specialized skill-sets these days it is less likely to find one place that can handle all of the services a marketer needs
  • Larger, better resourced, agencies may consider a decent scale project as a one off when they may not have considered working with the brand for the day to day activities due to low budgets. This opens up opportunity for smaller brands to work with larger creative providers and with that the ability to move the brand forward faster at a higher quality
  • A number of specialist, but smaller, providers that operate outside the larger agencies can be resourced to collaborate closely in order to bring the best talent together without a big agency on a project basis
  • Technology is becoming so specialised now and not everyone can provide genuine expertise on everything. A generalist is good for some things but keeping certain projects just for specialists helps marketers get the best result

Increase Output Volume:

There is more ability to multi-task, and hiring multiple suppliers for a number of projects simultaneously increases output without overloading the marketing team. Smaller to mid sized marketing teams tend to hold more in-house and whilst that is great in the main there is only a limited capacity

Marketers move from being the ‘do-ers’ to becoming the managers of several external providers for more efficiency

Increase Value:

  • By producing more on a project basis suppliers remain competitive and the value is kept in check with each project
  • By choosing the right providers the value in the job can be maintained, but also balanced with what the brand needs to grow
  • Project based suppliers are only ever as good as the last project they have done. They are hungry to maintain service standards, and quality of work
  • Often the smaller creative ‘shops’ can’t produce everything a marketer needs despite their best efforts to do so. They are not going to call the best provider in town as they see them too much like competition or worry their budgets will be cut in favour of another provider. By taking charge of the project based activities the best provider is chosen for the job. Collaboration and project management are key to make this work
  • Sometimes marketers choose suppliers based on a well-meaning but misguided recommendation, sometimes even tapping into a personal connection rather than finding the best suppliers for the job. Price is not the only indicator of value. By finding the best suppliers for projects, the end result is a higher quality for a similar cost. At times additional investment can move the business results forward faster too
  • By taking charge of the project based work it is possible to pull together a clever combination of providers that produce the work of the big agencies, but without the overheads and margins

Increased Speed of Production:

The marketing team can only produce what they have capacity for. This means work trickles out at the rate the internal team can output and not always at the rate the business needs. By moving to become ‘managers’ rather than ‘do-ers’, as mentioned above, and best of all the content can be output at the speed the business needs

Experts who do what they do, day in and day out really become fast at what they do. They see the way through the project with more clarity and direction and the whole project moves much faster

There are many arguments that would support consolidating suppliers, pulling some tasks in-house, and likewise negotiating long term agreements for equal efficiency; however there are ‘horses for courses’ and marketers need to find the solution that is best for them. Small to medium sized businesses often don’t have the negotiation power to achieve this value without making the most of project based work. The delicate juggling act is in finding the right providers that work in with their particular model and internal skill-set.