Purpose or Principles? Gillette, you let me down

As a Conscious Capitalist I’m a big fan of purpose driven businesses. I was a supporter of Gillette when they took their stand and tried to undo some of the gender harm they’d done in the past and to make an impact on society. I supported the campaign for a few reasons, one of them was making conversation about an important topic, another was that we should support businesses even at the start of their journey to become more of a conscious capitalist, regardless of their past. I believed that any place was a good place to start the journey. With their current backflip of late it is apparent that they were purpose driven only for commercial gain, but without the principals behind them. The marketing team have been quoted saying that they did something bold like this to fix a downturn in sales (people seem to blame the recent commercials for the downturn that they were already having). They had their chance to make a stand and stick to it…. and I reckon they blew it. The backflip shows a weakness as a brand and reveals a company without principals cashing in on ‘purpose washing’. This will be the real damage this brand will have to manage, I believe, not the original ‘purpose driven’ campaign. They made all the nay-sayers right!

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