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For small business owners, sales teams, consultants, and entrepreneurs

Professional and authentic reputation building and lead generation to reach 90-100 of your target audience per day with 20-40 converting for ongoing marketing activity.

The Reputation Marketing™ Strategy was discovered as Suits&Sneakers was getting started from scratch (with very little budget) and yet achieved $3M in sales opportunities in the first 6 months of trading. We have now perfected the model with LinkedIn as the central pillar, and proven this unique strategy over and over again.

We break the bad habits of costly and unnecessary social media activity (that goes nowhere) by providing a highly strategic approach to targeted lead generation and sales conversion with proven ROI.   

We don’t take on anyone unless we believe the results will be there for you so let’s chat and see if this is for you. 

Build your professional reputation and systemise your lead generation and sales process to reach 90-100 qualified prospects a day with unmatched ROI for B2B and some B2C.

Reputation Marketing™ from Suits&Sneakers is a proven 6 step process to build your brand, share your point of view, connect with your key prospects and automate for an effective and repeatable sales process.

Create a steady flow of professional prospects each day and convert to an ongoing stream of new clients with LinkedIn as the centre of your marketing strategy. We have a predictable process with consistent outcomes.

This is lead generation for professionals wanting to retain integrity and authenticity, to build a credible presence that meets your highly targeted audience expectations. This strategy is unique and combines sales processes, PR, content marketing, relationship marketing, and social media behaviour without mindlessly creating content that doesn’t perform. This is about building a professional reputation and moving your activity to where it pays off.

LinkedIn’s InMail system costs around $15 per successful connection, but by comparison our Reputation Marketing™ strategy delivers for a fraction of this cost (subject to calculation for your business and excluding content production costs).

Our results are indicative of most clients but all businesses differ and so can the results – some achieve higher success in fact, and some lower. Results can’t be guaranteed, so testing is wise to see if this is right for you.

Is Reputation Marketing™ right for you?

See if you qualify

We don’t take on everyone and only work with professionals that we think we can help. Most B2B business work well and some B2C businesses do too. For a free 30 minute consultation to see how this could work for you, book a time to chat to one of our consultants.


Live Dashboard View

Lead generation at scale is one of the key parts of making this Reputation Marketing™ strategy work. This behind-the-technology video is a random overview of some campaign results for clients who are currently live (as at 3/4/2021). All businesses are different and we need to discuss your business or client’s businesses in order to see what is viable for you. Check these out though as they are fairy typical of clients we do decide to take on…and amazing. ROI differs greatly because of cost of services or products being variable but they’re often so big you won’t believe them if we told you. Case studies are available on request.

What our clients and partners say

“I have spoken to many sales and marketing people over the years and can honestly say you are the first one to come up with a strategy with such amazing instant results!”

Karen McDonald, Wise Owl Legal Software

“I’m so impressed with the conversions coming through, truly better than I expected and loving all of it”

Jane Bowman, Publisher, Marketing Magazine

“I have followed Anne’s more recent business successes very closely, and have taken her training on Reputation Marketing too. Having made a few adjustments to my own techniques – I have seen some staggering results – now I’ve got a hit-rate of 50% when looking to connect with prospects & peers within my domain. Incredible. Great work Anne & I look forward to growing together!”

Dan Butcher, Digital Beats

Moving LinkedIn from a social tool to a revenue generation machine

> Be matched with an approved reseller to help grow your business or brand

> Have your LinkedIn strategy reviewed and a content audit to optimise on your own

> Be enabled to grow your business with the full Suits&Sneakers Reputation Marketing™ system on your own

> Know how to write your LinkedIn profile and stop using it like a resume and create a conversion tool for sales

> Have help to write articles and converting content

> Add income streams to an existing digital marketing department or business

> Become an approved reseller?

> See if LinkedIn is even a possibility for business growth for your sector and industry

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For businesses looking to use LinkedIn for lead generation and sales opportunity.

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