Stop Trusting Your Digital Data To Improve Strategic Performance

We’ve been in the Big Data movement for some time, but now it is time to really dig deeper and be sure that what we’ve been measuring is actually reflecting the current and future customer.

It could be that reliance on existing data may be a limitation to opportunity. When the data of the past may have been captured with unconscious bias in place, or may be based on out-dated demographic profiling, it will surely be missing the modern customer. Many marketers and their agencies are not even questioning it. As the last step in the process, our creative work could even be doing brand damage. We need to rethink our reliance on past data across all data points in the marketing chain.

Many of the marketing and advertising industry are on autopilot when it comes to using data and looking at the  analytics for their brand performance.

Those conventions that the media and ad agencies have relied on for a lifetime may be out-dated now, but nobody is stopping to check. The temptation with data is to rely on the ability for consistent comparisons through past metrics to justify the decisions made now. For many, it is hard to walk away from decades of precedence, when all we are doing as an industry is embedding a strategic misfire even deeper into our culture and society and limiting a brand’s potential. Much of this has self-interest at stake.

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